Thermal paper roll

Thermal paper roll

Short Description:

Thermal paper (sometimes referred to as an audit roll) is a special fine paper that is coated with a material formulated to change color when exposed to heat. It is used in thermal printers, particularly in inexpensive or lightweight devices such as adding machines, cash registers etc.


Size: 3 1/8 inches (equal to 80*80 mm)

Material: 55gsm thermal paper

Core: plastic 13mm

Length: 80m per roll

Color: white

Print: black or blue letter

Packaging: 27 rolls/carton

Product Detail

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Product features:

* Fangda Thermal paper have premium quality in coating

* The smooth surface slides easily through the calculator or POS machine, no need to deal with rips in the middle of important calculations.

* Uniform color of surface

* No printing consumables, no carbon tape or ink cartridge are needed during use

*The coating will turn black when heated, but coatings that turn blue or red are sometimes used. While an open heat source, such as a flame, can discolor the paper, a fingernail swiped quickly across the paper will also generate enough heat from friction to produce a mark.

* The paper rolls are compatible with the Epson TM-T88 series thermal printers, Star TSP-100 thermal printers, Bixolon SRP-350 thermal printers, Citizen CT-S310 thermal printers, Clover Station countertop POS system printers, and many others.

Application of Thermal paper rolls:

* Hotel catering system

* POS terminal system

* Telecommunication system

* Medical system

* Banking system

* Supermarket

* Petrol station

* Lottery station

FANGDA Advantages:

* Patent coating formula, development for different products and environments

* Optional special design: various core, die cut sizes, packaging etc.

* Independent research and development laboratory

* Meeting standards of REACH and ISO

* Vertical Integration: silicon coating, hot melt adhesive making and coating, printing, die cut…all the processes are completed in our own workshops.

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