Paper Packing List Envelope

Paper Packing List Envelope

Short Description:

Paper face Packing List Envelopes allow you to easily share the document with your customers without worrying about it getting crumpled or tossed out.


Size: 240×180 mm

Material: Transparent Paper

Thickness: 25gsm+40gsm

Color: Green & black or customized


Adhesive: high quality hot melt glue(Patented)

Liner: white kraft paper

Packaging: 1000 pcs/carton

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Product features:

* FANGDA document enclosed envelope is consist of transparent paper, does not contain any hazardous substance, 100% biodegradable green product.

* Environment friendly products which are widely used in shipping and logistic industry.

* It make sure the shipping documents stay full protection.

* Strong tear resistance, not easy to ware off, prevent being losing.

* Pressure sensitive envelopes secure and protect documents that are attached to the outside of shipments

* Customize-printed information requested by customers.

* Hot melt adhesive backing provides strong adhesion to various surfaces like paper, plastic, corrugated products, etc.

* Packing list envelopes protect itemized accounts of the contents of shipped goods so that authorities can reconcile package weights and customers can check whether contents match the itemization.

Benefits of Packing List Envelopes:

* Excellent Protection and Security
Packing List Envelopes keep paperwork protected and secure in transit.

* Weather Resistant
Durable paper keeps important documents together and protected from dirt, moisture and the elements.

* Versatile and Easy to Use

Apply to boxes, envelopes, mailing bags, tubes, and more! Permanent adhesive bonds instantly to a variety of substrates; simply peel off backing and apply pressure.

FANGDA Advantages:

* Exclusive hot melt glue formula (has patent certificate)

* Strong R&D with own patents.

* REACH and ISO certified.

* Vertical Integration in production: film extrusion, silicon coating, hot melt adhesive production and coating, printing, die cut…all the processes are completed in our own workshops.

* Delivery quality and reliability with the most competitive price.

* Over 20 years in coating industry.

* Supplier of worldwide leading express and courier companies over 10 years.

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