Thermal transfer label

Thermal transfer label

Thermal transfer paper is also called printing coated paper. Thermal transfer paper is a layer of white paint on the surface of the base paper, super pressed and processed, divided into one side and two sides. It mainly used for offset print, gravure fine wire printing, such as senior picture album, calendar, books and periodicals.

Self-adhesive is a kind of composite material, which made of paper, film or other special materials as the facial paper, the back coated with adhesive, silicone coated protection paper as the bottom paper. After printing, die-cutting and other processing into the finished product label. We use thermal transfer paper as the facial paper based adhesive label, called thermal transfer paper adhesive label.

Generally, the storage time of thermal transfer labels is about 2 years, less affected by temperature.  A thermal transfer ribbon will be required to print the labels.

Scope of application: supermarket, inventory management, clothing tag, industrial production line. Suitable for semi – highlight color printing in sales promotion and industry. Typical applications include cosmetic labels, pharmaceutical labels and food industry labels. Can be attached to most of the substrate surface and simple surface, including cardboard, plastic film.

In nowadays, thermal transfer label also used in express packaging. Packaging may have labeling attached to or integral with the package. These may carry pricing, barcodes, UPC identification, usage guidance, addresses, advertising, recipes, and so on. They also may be used to help resist or indicate tampering or pilferage.

And the mailing labels identify the addressee, the sender and any other information which may be useful in transit. Many software packages such as word processor and contact manager programs produce standardized mailing labels from a data set that comply with postal standards. These labels may also include routing barcodes and special handling requirements to expedite delivery.

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