Direct Thermal Label

Direct Thermal Label

Short Description:

Direct thermal label are a cost-effective type of label made with the direct thermal printing process. In this process, a thermal print head is used to selectively heat specific areas of coated, thermo-chromatic (or thermal) paper.  Direct thermal label stock will change color (usually black) when heated. A heating element in the shape of letters or images can be used to create an image on the label. Custom labels can be easily be made on location in this way.

Size: 4*6”

Material: direct thermal paper

Thickness: 130 gsm

Core: 1” or 3”

Quantity: 1000 pcs/roll

Color: white or other colors

Print: plain or pre-printed as required

Adhesive: high quality hot melt glue(self-produced)

Format: wound out (optional: wound in)

Packaging: 4 rolls/carton

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Product features:

* Fangda Direct Thermal Labels have merits of highly sensitivity, soft matter, ultra-white face stock for maximum printability and reliable error-free scans.

* High tack and permanent adhesive are reliable and efficient which is excellent for different application environments.

* Bright white and matte labels provide excellent printability for low to medium-speed printers.

* A semi-bleached calendared kraft liner is durable and easy to be peeled off. Our labels are ideal for shipping, packaging, warehousing, receiving, work-in-progress and inventory management applications etc.

* Hot melt adhesive backing provides strong adhesion to object surface.

* Compatible with Zebra, Datamax, Santo and other thermal label printers.

Application of Direct thermal labels:

* For fast turn around or one time using product identification.

* Direct thermal labels are primarily used for short life applications like parcel labels used by FedEx or UPS.  They only need to last a few days until the package arrives at the end user.

* For receipts or shipping labels. These may carry price, barcode, address, recipe, and so on.

FANGDA Advantages:

* Patent hot melt glue formula, development for different products and environments

* Optional customized design: various core size, die cut sizes etc.

* Independent research and development laboratory

* Fulfills the REACH and ISO standards.

* Vertical Integration: silicon coating, hot melt adhesive making and coating, printing, die cut…all the processes are completed in our own workshops.

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