Bubble mailer

Bubble mailer

Short Description:

Bubble mailer is a padded envelope, also known as a padded or cushioned mailer or jiffy bag, is an envelope incorporating protective padding to protect items during shipping. It constructed from white or golden kraft paper lined with bubble for easy product insertion and removal. Seal-sealing mailers feature adhesive strip for quick and easy opening.


Size: 6×9+1.57”

Material: golden kraft paper

Thickness: 110 gsm

Tape: high quality hot melt glue(self-produced)

Printing: logo, barcode

Packaging: 250 pcs/carton

Product Detail

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Product features:

* FANGDA kraft bubble mailer (padded envelope, jiffy bag) is made of bubble film and kraft paper, does not contain any toxicity, has smooth feel in hand and fine appearance.

* Excellent quakeproof function, could protect the goods from vibration damage.

* Strong tear resistance.

* Permanently adhesive on the seal flap could help reduce the risks of package pilferage or the theft.

* The kraft paper could be in different colors such as golden, white, brown etc.

* The exterior material also can be made of poly film, aluminum laminated films to full fill the customer needs.

* Envelopes open along the first dimension

Benefits of Bubble mailer:

* Extraordinary Protection and Security
Cushioning or padding can be built into the mailing envelope to help protect the contents.

* Convenience in distribution
Durable cushioned pack the goods to avoid shock damage.

* Versatile and Easy to Use

It is suitable for express, e-commerce, shopping, warehouse, office using etc.

* Marketing

The customized printing could encourage potential buyers to purchase the product.

* Full recyclable

FANGDA Advantages:

* Exclusive hot melt glue formula (has patent certificate)

* Strong R&D with 8 patents.

* Qualified with REACH and ISO standard.

* Vertical Integration: 3-layers film extrusion, hot melt adhesive making and coating, printing, die cut…all the processes are completed in our own workshops.

* Delivery quality and reliability with the most competitive price.

* Over 20 years in coating industry.

* Supplier of worldwide leading express and courier companies over 10 years.

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